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Shopping for condo insurance? You’re probably finding out there are a lot of decisions to make and details to work out before you make a choice. Allstate created this guide as a “walk through” for basic condo insurance information. Naturally, insurance coverage is subject policy terms and conditions. But it’s important to help protect your investment by choosing insurance that you decide is right for you. What kind of coverage should you consider?

1 Property Protection
Condominium associations are responsible for insuring common areas, such as the building exterior and walkways. But as a condo owner, you’re typically responsible for covering everything inside your unit, including cabinetry and appliances. Talk to your agent to calculate an appropriate amount.

2 Guest Medical Protection
If someone inside your condo is accidentally injured, this coverage can provide payments for reasonable medical expenses, whether or not an accident in your home was your fault.

3 Liability Protection
This coverage helps protect you against the legal responsibility for any injury or property damage that you or anyone else insured under your policy may have caused to other people on or away from your property. It includes compensation for the injured party, the cost of defending you in court and most court awards — up to the limits of your policy. If you have significant assets, you should consider purchasing additional levels of liability protection.

4 Additional Living Expenses
If a covered loss (like a fire) makes your condo uninhabitable, this policy will cover the reasonable increase in expenses needed to maintain your normal standard of living for a certain amount of time. This may include payments for a hotel, food and other expenses.

5 Loss Assessments Coverage
If your condominium association levies special assessments against you resulting from certain losses to your condominium complex, your policy will pay your share of such assessments up to the $1,000 coverage limit.
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